Insurance: Protect yourself and your family

Insurance changes every day. That’s why you need to change to an insurance adviser who knows what’s going on.
We’re all aware of the impact a disaster like the Christchurch earthquake or 9/11 has on insurance companies. Every time something of this magnitude occurs, the insurance companies face thousands of payouts and the cost of the next round of insurance premiums soar.

Despite the obvious conclusion that the insurance industry is an ever-changing beast, most people don’t think of their own insurance covers as being subject to change. Yet the ability to protect yourself properly from risk is something that changes yearly, as your own life changes and the insurance products available modify what they offer.

That’s why at Milestone we're committed to insurance specialists working hand in hand with our investment advisers. Our specialists not only keep up to date with what is available to you in protection products, but also match them with your changing situation.

Our insurance experts won't wait until a crisis happens to make sure you have the right kind of cover in place. Whether it is your health, your income or your life, make sure you have insurance that suits your needs now, and not a year or ten years ago. Talk to Milestone about ensuring your insurance changes with the times.

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