Our Services

No two people are the same. Everybody brings with them different life experiences, unique circumstances and a range of objectives.
Our job is to unravel this complexity. We understand that you’re unique, and we’ll work alongside you to identify exactly what you’re keen to achieve, bring clarity to your situation, and set out a map for your secure financial future.
You wouldn’t study tax law for five years just to do your taxes once a year. The same goes for finance - you don’t need to learn everything from scratch. Milestone is here to be your personal guide for financial planning and investment.
  • Invest - working with you to understand your present situation and future aspirations, then matching these with deeply researched investments that are clearly communicated to you
  • Financial Driver - see your future play out right in front of you, with our state-of-the-art visual scenario mapping tool
  • Retire - arguably the single largest milestone in your life, we consider retirement planning one of our most important roles, and treat it that way, ensuring the plan starts now
  • Insure - we keep up to date with ever-changing insurance policies and aren’t tied to any one provider, so you pay the lowest premiums possible for the best policies
  • New Resident Assistance - make the transition from overseas seamlessly, by talking to a team who have helped hundreds find their feet financially in New Zealand
  • KiwiSaver - helping you choose the right scheme for your circumstances, or tweak your approach to turn your KiwiSaver investment into a vehicle for achieving your financial goals
  • Currency Exchange - take advantage of offers usually only made to high volume customers, and make meaningful savings on currency exchanges
  • Succession Planning - coaching, timeline planning and general guidance around the sale of businesses can make the difference between a painful process, and one worth celebrating
For more information or to arrange a no obligations consultation get in touch; we’d love to help