My kids will be off ‘the payroll’

iStock 000014295008Medium-250Maybe, maybe not. Ideally, our children blossom into adulthood and can sustain themselves without our financial support. Unfortunately, they have the same problem that the rest of us do. We are all human.

The kids can be downsized at work. They can get sick or injured. They can battle addictions. They can get ripped off or embroiled in a legal dispute. They may struggle to purchase a house or fund their own kids through the best schools. Or, just struggle to make enough to stay independent. The list is endless.

We budget our future savings capacity and retirement expenditure on just having to pay for ourselves. We assume that once the nest empties and the kids leave home, that we will not be paying for the kids any longer. The reality is that there are events that simply cannot be ignored. Will we really say no when one of the kids needs money for a beloved grandchild’s medical care? Or refuse to help pay for a lawyer to get a daughter out of an abusive relationship? Probably not, so we need to be prepared to include in our future budgets the financial ramifications of helping out the kids.