Are you prepared to wait?

Are You Prepared to Wait - Article 3-467Medical insurance is a product that everyone who is young enough and healthy enough to obtain, should consider purchasing sooner rather than later. Everyone has heard about the length of public hospital waiting lists, but did you know that people often have to go on a waiting list just to get on ’the’ waiting list? – this keeps reported waiting list numbers closer to government targets!

When you have to wait for something as important as an operation, normal life is put on hold. The frustration caused by this situation is amplified if you have absolutely no control over it.

The NZIER (2014) report titled ‘Estimate of the cost of waiting for elective surgery’ discovered that the mean number of days New Zealanders wait for surgery in the public health service is 25.5 days.

The ‘waiting times’ on public sector waiting lists are often underestimated – many people do not make the list despite needing elective surgery. Of the 280,000 people each year that are told they may require elective surgery but do not get it, 170,000 of them (61%) are not placed on a waiting list. A lot of time and consultation can pass in the public sector before a patient technically makes it on to a waiting list.

Since 1980, over 80 public hospitals have closed and the public health system seems to be stretched to breaking point in some areas. The government continues to pump ever increasing sums of tax payer money into the health system but the waiting lists do not seem to reduce.

Private medical insurance appears to be the only viable option for those who need surgery but are not acute enough to be admitted to hospital. Contact us now for a competitive quotation on medical insurance best suited to your circumstances.