Do you know some boomerangs?

Do you know some boomerangs?
Increasingly, our clients are asking for advice around how to handle their children who either will not leave home or have left and then returned. Many of us have seen the 2006 movie ‘Failure to Launch’ and the issues it created within that family.

As funny as that movie was, it highlighted an increasing trend in the western world. It is true! The kids are staying at home longer and they are returning if they are financially strapped or there has been a dramatic change in their circumstances.

Returning children are now referred to as the ‘Boomerang Generation.’ “Boomerang child” has even made it into the latest edition of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. Here’s their definition: “a young adult who returns to live at his or her family home especially for financial reasons.” These Boomerangers are now widespread.

Mintel, a leading market research company, has released a report jam-packed with interesting statistics about adult children living at home in the UK. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 27% of new university graduates will be living with their parents
  • 3 million adults are living with their parents in the UK
  • 196,000 adults over age 36 are living with their parents in the UK
  • 45% of parents say they have less money while their adult kids are living with them
  • 18% of parents say it’s more stressful with adult children living at home
  • What’s most interesting, though, is that while most adult children move home either because of financial uncertainty or the end of a relationship, some move home just because they want to be pampered!

If your adult children are moving back home, it’s important to have conversations about expectations beforehand. If you’re expecting them to be reasonably independent while they’re moving home to soak up your tender loving care, resentment and bad feelings will be sure to follow.

Check out for heaps of tips on how to handle this situation.

There is also a useful book to give to friends you know in this situation, The hands-on guide to surviving adult children living at home.

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