Vision & Values

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Our vision

We will continue to grow our reputation as a leading light in New Zealand's financial guidance sector with diligent service, innovative approaches, focused expertise and unwavering commitment to our clients' needs. Like them, we look forward to tomorrow with confidence. 

Core Values

Our values define us and are at the core of who we are. Originally inspired by the New Zealand Defence Force, they represent what you can expect to encounter, every time you interact with Milestone.


Our reputation is the most important asset of our business. We'll do everything we can to protect and advance our reputation. That's why there are no hidden agendas or half-baked measures here.
We say what we mean and we do what we say we'll do.


We can't gain momentum without first making a solid connection.
Close working relationships with our clients, within our team and throughout our network are therefore vital.
Everyone has unique abilities and perspectives - we make the most of this strength for our mutual success.


Quite simply, we love our work. Every day we have opportunities to empower our clients with financial guidance that is exciting, effective and enduring.
We change lives for the better across months, years and decades.
How good is that feeling you ask? It's awesome. 


The status quo is there to be challenged. We avoid complacency and lethargy by always seeking to innovate and elevate our capabilities. In doing so, we continue to deliver pioneering approaches with our financial service, ensuring our clients can make the most of every change. 
Choose to partner with Milestone on your financial journey, and you will work with a guide who not only understands you personally but conducts themselves in a manner reflective of our core values.


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