Clients rate us: Trustworthy

mi ourstories cocsistentlyrated intl-969How easy is it to talk to your financial adviser? Do they listen, or can you see their mind racing ahead to find answers, long before they truly understand what you are trying to say?
It’s very easy, in a business that is all about giving advice, to become bad at listening and very good at talking.

That’s one of the reasons why, at Milestone, we regularly ask an independent business consultancy to find out what our clients think of us.

Business Health is an international company, based in Sydney, that helps financial planning companies like Milestone identify what they are doing right, and what they are doing wrong in their business practices. Milestone partner Stephen Collier has called on Business Health to give him unbiased feedback on what his clients think of him every two years since 2006.

Clients are asked a wide range of questions about our advisers and our company. The results are then compared with the national average for other financial advisory firms.

Milestone is all about making the most of the milestones in our client’s lives, no matter how big or small, every step our client’s take must lead to greater financial freedom and happiness. That’s why it is important to us that the feedback from the client survey places us among New Zealand’s top performing financial advice companies for client relationships.

Our adviser is “always ready to listen” says one client. “He does not push but is considerate and understanding of one’s needs and wishes.” “We have a firm belief in the integrity of our adviser and the company” says another.” “Our adviser is knowledgeable, responds to our specific needs and is always approachable. Very professional, yet friendly too.” “We have every confidence in [our adviser] and are happy to put our confidence in him.”

Of course, these are comments from our 2010 survey, and every year we must work hard to maintain our client’s trust in us. By continually monitoring these issues we believe we create a culture of open relationships and lasting friendships. You are welcome to let us know your feelings about Milestone, at any time, and we would hope the experience you have of our commitment to you is good enough that you might one day pay us the ultimate compliment of recommending us to friends and family.

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