Handled with Care

You wouldn’t attend a wedding, or a baby’s christening, a house-warming or a leaving party for a retiring co-worker without at least knowing something about the people whose lives you are celebrating.
Because each of these important milestones is a deeply personal occasion – it means a lot to the people who are experiencing them.
Handling with care
Life is full of these milestones, and every time we approach one we are also approaching an important financial decision.

That’s why, at Milestone, we encourage clients to undertake the personalised advice approach where we take a huge amount of care with our clients’ financial lives. We don’t just get to understand their financial aspirations, we get to find out who they are as people. That’s why so many of our clients not only trust us as professionals, they also end up trusting us as friends.

The process of getting to know you better is also both a professional and personal process. We take a lot of care to understand our clients hopes and dreams right from the very beginning, and the solutions we will recommend are completely holistic and will touch every part of your life. A risk assessment questionnaire is completed with our investment clients on a regular basis. This helps us to ensure their investment portfolio mirrors how much risk our clients are prepared to take, in relation to the potential return.

Our advice is detailed in full and contains the rationale behind our recommendations, providing assurance of thoroughness and a better understanding of the financial plan. We subscribe to Morningstar (a worldwide investment research company) for managed fund research and we utilise Morningstar to provide portfolio construction methodologies, asset allocations, model portfolios, and to develop an ‘approved products list.’ The asset allocations and approved products list are updated regularly and are designed to help us ensure our clients’ investment portfolios are more responsive to changing market conditions.

Our systems and procedures are streamlined ensuring efficient and controlled processing. We are regularly reviewed by external compliance review specialists to ensure all of our systems are functioning in accordance with both New Zealand financial services laws and our own high standards.

We offer our clients a wide range of investment and insurance services and rigorous financial reporting and adviser commitment.

Naturally, there is choice as to the level of service you may require. Our Authorised Financial Advisers (AFAs) can provide a complete holistic service. Our Registered Financial Advisers (RFAs) tend to be insurance specialists but can and do work as a team with an in-house AFA to ensure all your financial needs can be catered for.

Clients have access to the following:
  • Top-performing managed funds and unit trusts from reputable managers
  • A comprehensive financial plan often called a Statement of Advice (SoA) taking into account the client’s financial goals, risk profile, need for asset protection and flexibility in the event of changing personal circumstances
  • A wide range of good quality wholesale managed funds in addition to retail funds
  • Expertly assessed Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs)
  • Cash management funds
  • International currency accounts
  • Listed direct equities and fixed interest securities, globally sourced
  • Tax paid investment bonds, annuities and Bonus Bonds
  • Geared investments
  • Commodities
  • Forestry investments
  • Bank accounts and term deposits
  • KiwiSaver
  • A wide range of insurance cover including life, accidental death, disability, income protection, trauma, total permanent disablement, mortgage protection, key person protection, medical and business insurance
Asset management:
  • OneAnswer Portfolio Service. An online platform that allows all of your assets to be managed in one place
  • Tailored investment portfolios
Reporting and monitoring:
  • We use global research houses such as Morningstar, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s Investor Services, Fitch Ratings and Mercers
  • Regular economic updates are provided
  • The ability to commission personalised portfolio reports
  • Regular consultation and comprehensive reviews
  • Quarterly newsletter keeping you up to date
  • Tax reporting and compliance with investment tax legislation
Dedicated adviser attention including:
  • The service you receive from each of advisers is determined by the scope of the engagement, what sort of advice you have requested and the registration status of the adviser. However, either individually or as part of a team, each Milestone office can provide some or all of the following:
  • Accessible personal adviser for meetings and your questions
  • Comprehensive insurance and investment advice (Note, only our AFAs and those RFAs operating under supervision of an AFA can provide personalised investment advice)
  • Estate planning, asset protection and family trust structuring and management advice
  • Cash management investment and savings planning
  • Working together with your lawyer and accountant

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