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We talk to you before we talk money. Milestone places great emphasis on getting to know our clients on a personal level before offering our advice and services.

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Its always difficult to think about your future investments and planning your retirement. We offer some comprehensive advice and guidance through this process.

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We assist you and your family in reaching your milestone in life. With 30 years of combined experience, your Milestone financial adviser is there to help you achieve your life’s long journey

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Why worry about the Auckland housing bubble?

Every day, our newspapers and TVs have an article about the Auckland housing issue and why someone needs to be doing something about it. Most New Zealanders glance at these articles and pity those trying to buy their first home, then shrug and move on - secretly thinking that long may this housing boom continue as it is good for their net worth. There is also a commonly held view that the rapid rise in Auckland house prices is an Auckland first home buyer problem and it doesn’t really affect anyone else.
However, the Auckland house boom is now a New Zealand issue. It will have a future impact on many New Zealanders and we should all be starting to think about how we will handle the inevitable fallout from it.


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Understanding the financial cost of a broken relationship

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose” – Lyndon B Johnson

Relationship breakdown is a fact of life and it can be very costly unless the parties can amicably settle the asset division.  A relationship can be any one of the following: married couples, civil union couples or couples who live together in a de facto relationship.  When a couple has been in a relationship for three years or more, the assets held automatically become relationship property under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (the Act).  The Act deals with the division of property when couples separate or when one of them dies, and it can override the provisions of a deceased partner’s will.

However, a couple can choose to “contract out” of the Act and make their own property agreement.  They get to specify how their property will be divided.  In this case, each person must seek independent legal advice in order for the agreement to be valid.  If no agreement is made, then the Act will apply.


Milestone Financial Services (Wellington) has been handling my finances for several years. I have always found them very good and advised me on the best way to handle matters relating to future investments for retirement.
John Y

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About Us

Life is full of milestones, and every time we approach one we are also approaching an important financial decision. That’s why, at Milestone, we encourage clients to undertake the personalised advice approach where we take a huge amount of care with our clients’ financial lives.