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We talk to you before we talk money. Milestone places great emphasis on getting to know our clients on a personal level before offering our advice and services.

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Retirement Advice


Its always difficult to think about your future investments and planning your retirement. We offer some comprehensive advice and guidance through this process.

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Insurance advice


We assist you and your family in reaching your milestone in life. With 30 years of combined experience, your Milestone financial adviser is there to help you achieve your life’s long journey

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8 tips for affording a first home

Buying a first home is becoming increasingly more difficult for many New Zealanders, even though mortgage interest rates are at historical lows. House prices have risen exponentially in what we call the Golden Housing Triangle – the area from Warkworth in the north to Hamilton in the south and Te Puke in the east. These areas are the primary beneficiaries of the Auckland ‘halo effect’. In these areas, house affordability is now on average over 8 times the average income with Auckland being over 10 times the average income. This is a far cry from the days of old where an average house cost four times or less the average income.

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Are you prepared to wait?

Medical insurance is a product that everyone who is young enough and healthy enough to obtain, should consider purchasing sooner rather than later. Everyone has heard about the length of public hospital waiting lists, but did you know that people often have to go on a waiting list just to get on ’the’ waiting list? – this keeps reported waiting list numbers closer to government targets!
When you have to wait for something as important as an operation, normal life is put on hold. The frustration caused by this situation is amplified if you have absolutely no control over it.


Milestone Financial Services (Wellington) has been handling my finances for several years. I have always found them very good and advised me on the best way to handle matters relating to future investments for retirement.
John Y

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About Us

Life is full of milestones, and every time we approach one we are also approaching an important financial decision. That’s why, at Milestone, we encourage clients to undertake the personalised advice approach where we take a huge amount of care with our clients’ financial lives.